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Leading Yourself

I had been eagerly awaiting Leadercast 2018, delighted that I could attend live at Infinite Energy Arena, just a few miles from my home. Searching for Leadership offerings last year, I stumbled upon Leadercast. This is an organization whose stated mission is to build Leaders worth following. This concept resonates deeply with me!

So, was Leadercast 2018 worth attending? Yes, Leadercast is worth attending, at least once. The event is well organized and well run, and registration includes smart perks like bottled water, fruit, lunch etc. And the content? Also, good. This year’s theme was: Lead Yourself. According to Leadercast, “We believe the best leaders learn how to lead themselves before leading others.”

I agree! Sustainable leadership worth following requires highly effective self-leadership, and I found it helpful to hear the perspectives, experiences and lessons from other leaders, on the topic of self-leadership. I particularly liked Andy Stanley and Michael Hyatt, though I got a nugget or two from all the speakers.

  • Great leaders last (sustained influence and performance) because they lead themselves first.

  • They are honest with themselves

  • They prioritize what they value most

  • They surround themselves with people who share their values.

  • Moral and ethical character are like muscles; they need to be worked

  • The gift of life is justified by helping others.

  • Maintain a great attitude; negative attitudes kill the chance to adapt.

  • Give yourself permission to change and a passion for evolving.

  • Solicit feedback frequently…doesn’t have to be a formal process

  • Self-care is not optional; it’s essential for sustained energy and endurance.

  • After 50 hours of work in a week there is no increase in productivity

  • Self-neglect causes crises that cripple careers

The Leadership Journey is like life; it’s a marathon with twists and turns, ups and downs. That’s why it is essential for Leaders to adopt habits and build skills that sustain a leadership profile worth following.

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